Calf liposuction

Can calf reduction be achieved with liposuction?


Calf reduction using Liposuction is an excellent treatment option in the event that the increase in size is caused by accumulation of fatty tissue. If  the calves consist mostly of muscular tissue than a muscular reduction like total gastrocnemius reduction, selective neurectomy or a calf treatment by using Botox ® botulinumtoxin is required to achieve a sufficient reduction.

The amount of excess fatty tissue can be tested even by non-medical professionals, simply by pinching the tissue between two fingers. If what you pinch consists almost entirely of skin, then the calf is predominantly muscle. If this is the case, then calf reduction using liposuction is unlikely to be successful. Using liposuction for calf correction creates irregularities only very rarely. Ankles should be treated with restraint, as a radical course of action can cause swelling and changes in pigmentation. The post operational recovery phase depends on the amount of fat removed. It can take a few days, or a few weeks (in extreme cases). You should abstain from sport and wear a surgical stocking for 6 weeks after the operation.

Advantages of calf liposuction:

  • This kind of calf reduction creates only a few small, barely visible scars (puncture points).


  • If the calf consists mainly of muscle, not fat, then this operation has a minimal size reducing effect.